Friday, April 15, 2005

thank God it's Friday...

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mamma's __th birthday (tee-hee!). I love you Mama! :-D

+ + +

Thursday was Murphy's Law raining down on me.

Thank God for friends, bowling and my sweetie. :-*

Now that it's friday, maybe i can have a good reason to smile.

+ + +

I feel the stress these days... may be the fact that everything seems to be happening all at once is finally wearing me down. (uh, duh!) But seriously, as inane as that may sound, i really wish i can just get up and get out of all the mess around me. I have never been a person who could stand too much shit going on, especially when it's directly (or even indirectly) affecting me. Right now, i am up to my neck with office depression (wanderlust calling Lette!), project paranoia (blame it on yesterday's stupid day), pre-separation anxieties, internal mulling and yes, classic schizophrenia (haha).

I want to get out and move somewhere else, and start a "new" life. I want to move out of my apartment by the time my lease ends so i can have a semblance of starting anew without having to move to another country. I want to have a better job, or at least some form of order in my current one (something more ---creative?) I want to be able to be in the same country with my sweetie, or at least get the opportunity to visit.

I want to learn something new and be good at it. I want to be able to do something i want to do and have fun doing it, not just meet deadlines. I want to make money so i can enjoy it, not just pay for my bills. I want my life to matter.

And while we're at it, i want to be part of the JANE magazine staff. :-)

*sigh* Take it one day at a time...


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LemonCloud said...

The wonder lust is getting to me too. I felt like resigning but my logical side stops me from doing that.
My job is ok. It is just that I don’t think I’m learning much. I craves for something more.. And yet I don’t know what that something is.. Bad...

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